Pauline Carides, LCSW, LLC

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I have been enjoying work as a therapist

for the past 20 years. The cornerstone of

my success has been my ability to provide a safe environment,

listen intently and genuinely engage with the individuals and

families that come to me to work through a wide variety of


Going beyond talk therapy, I tend to take a more interactive

approach to my work. I find that curative tools such as EMDR,

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Biofeedback can act as a

catalyst and empower you to move more efficiently toward

your therapeutic goals.

You may be held back by current struggles within your

relationships or you are dealing with moodiness and anxiety. It

is possible that you are experiencing apprehension over future

events or attempting to work through an unsettling incident

that happened in your past. I possess the essential skills to

support you in shifting your current behaviors so that you can

function at a higher level, and love your life again.

Perhaps you are on the precipice of change, and you just can’t

take the first step. Maybe you are taking inventory of your life

and you need guidance on how to sum up your past so that you

can figure out how to make new decisions in this moment with

your eyes wide open. I can work with you to sort out the

transition and help to move you toward positive


I am convinced that life can get better, self-esteem can

improve, relationships can thrive and

all of us can understand

and accept who we are.

Heal your heart.  Soothe your mind.  Embrace your life; make it the way you want it to be. Enjoy your relationships.  Create new ones.  Find meaning.  Find what matters. Embrace yourself.  Understand yourself, so you can accept yourself, happily.

Office hours available in Ridgewood NJ.

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